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An Angel Yet To Grow Wings...

Yay I got to talk to my little brothers and sister

2/8/06 05:12 pm - Yay I got to talk to my little brothers and sister

My new brothers and sister are such sweeties!!! *squee runs up and cuddles them* Martin is such a sweetie and get this Mina-chan He loves Naruto too!!!! *punches the air in triumph* It's so cool Jamila is like Amy she loves to shop but she also loves to draw anime so that kicks maybe I can convert her to Shonen ai. Oh the possibilities are endless *rubs hands together plotting laughing evily* And Miachel (s/p) loves Soccar so that's cool and I think he likes anime too so that rules. I didn't hear much from little Zechy I guess he's not much of a talker but I can't wait to meet him face to face I'm going to love them all to death. My mom and Steve are going to see them next week. the kids are going 2 weeks later *Pout* right after my spring break so I can't see them *cries* But then they are coming up a few weeks later so that's cool and I can see them then but it doesn't seem soon enough I wanna see them now *throws a hissy fit* But oh well the sun was shining onboth dayswe were to talk to them so I'm talking this as a real good omen and they seemed to like us so I'm hopeing for the best. Well Get back online soon Mina-chan we miss you Love you Yami-chan. Saraba Minna
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