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An Angel Yet To Grow Wings...


3/1/06 08:17 pm - ^^

Hey all. Well I just finished with my last mid term I think I did ok not great but ok. I went by the tattoo parlor the other day to talk to Jim again about getting a tattoo done. I was thinking about getting it done on my ankle, the design would be a leafy vine to symbolize the element Earth since I'm a Capricorn in the Chinese zodiac and the Capricorn is a Earth Creature the vine would be connected to 2 Wiccan Pentacles on on the inside and outside of my ankle. It should look nice and the shop is really clean and nice and I've seen some of Jims work and he's real good. I was told it should cost about 100$ not bad when you think most are about 300$ or more. But ya other then that I'm having fun 'Teaseing' my Yami lol no hard feelings love, and Mina-chan should be back online any day now so I'm thrilled. Well I should get Saraba Minna.
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