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An Angel Yet To Grow Wings...

By the holy mother!!!!

3/22/06 09:54 am - By the holy mother!!!!

Oh my goddess!! How could this happen? This kind of thing doesn't happen to normal people!! This isn't the Titanic for Ra's sake!! By Isis why couldn't this have been prevented? I nearly lost my father and step mother all in one night!!! I know me and my dad have never seen eye to eye but I don't want him dead!!! The Ferry they were on hit a rock and sunk to a watery grave at about 3:00am this morning just outside of Prince Rupert. I found out from my little sister that was probably just recovering from a panic attack. I'm just so thankful that their all right I guess our holy mother was watching over them after all. But they lost everything their truck, their laptop, clothes, golf clubs, everything but at least their alive they can replace those things but they can't replace their lives. So I think I'm going to cast a circle of thanx tonight Since the mother spared the life of my Father and Step Mother.
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