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An Angel Yet To Grow Wings...

Quiz ^^

7/23/06 06:58 pm - Quiz ^^

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If You Ruled the Land . . . by wackyweasel
Your first name:<input ... >
How you gained your rule:<select ... ><option ... >Military coup, of course! They never saw it coming . . .<option ... >Walked in and took the throne while they were at lunch<option ... >Rightful heir!!<option ... >Strategic poisoning . . .<option ... >Mind control<option ... >Asked for it really nicely, 'pretty please'<option ... >No idea . . .</select>
Your title is:Your Royal Sexyness
Your symbol is:the cat, because cats are fluffy and nice
You rule from:a towering, well, tower
At your side is:your standard-bearer, who doubles as a meat shield
Your enforcers, troops, and guards are all:colorful dragons
Your most popular law is:Five-day weekends
Your least popular law is:Banning of people being better-looking than you
Your worst enemy is:Ringo Starr, but you can't remember why . . .
Your popularity rating is:: 65%
Your chance of being overthrown is:: 84%
<input ... >
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