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An Angel Yet To Grow Wings...

A new poem ^^

8/20/06 08:20 pm - A new poem ^^

Well I managed to chalk up another poem as of now it's untitled hopefully that will change soon enough It's of the Weiss Kreuz Gulhen RanXKen variety if you squint enough and contains spoilers for the end of the series. So don't read unless you don't care about that lol. Enjoy and tell me what you think please ^^

You were the only one who saw me,
The only one who cared,
Yet now that it's all over why are you leaving me there?

Through thick and thin and all the rest,
I've never once let you down,
And now you leave me never once turning around,
I reach out to touch you to pull you back to me,
And yet I don't even make it half way are we trully not ment to be?

I watched you as you walked away untill you left my sight,
I watched as you as you walked away leaving me to my silent fight,

So now here I sit,
All alone in this jail cell thinking of all the things I missed,
Thinking of how I long to just once kiss your lips,
So as I sit here all aline in this cold dark cell,
I once again go over all we were and never were,
Thinking of my life gone by untill I hear the bell....

So what do you think? Good? Bad? So so? Any suggestions for a name and constructive critisism would be more then welcome ^^.
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