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An Angel Yet To Grow Wings...

Nameless poem

1/30/07 03:18 pm - Nameless poem

Something I came up with last night after deeling with "He who Shalt not be Named"
I don't have a name for it but tell me what you think kk

You think I care what you have to say?
You think I'd care if you died today?
You think I care how you think your always right?
As you constantly harass us each and every night.

Well I'll tell you the truth that I've always been afraid to say.
I wish that you would up and die today.
I wish that you were never here
If that was how it was my days would be filled with joy & cheer
Alone without you happ and free
It's a pity things haven't yet worked out for me.

But work out they will
It's only a matter of time
Untill the tables have turned
And it's the scoundrals turn on the line...
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