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An Angel Yet To Grow Wings...

The Help Of Darkness Will Guide Me

1/27/06 11:44 pm - *Cries*

I've really done it this time. I went and pissed off my mom like there was no tommorrow. I was actually afraid of her for that instant. Sweet Isis Mother of Horus I'm such a Hothead and a Royal Bitch!!! I'm worse then Ran on a bad day and Kenken when he's in beserker mode combined!!! I don't know why I snapped I just did. Ri wasn't even acting like the drill sargent as he normally does. All he wanted was to watch Advent Children and for some odd reason I snapped at him and got myself in trouble. It's a wonder I'm not living on the streets with my temper. No wonder I'm mostly alone *sighs*. What's wrong with me? Mother Isis please tell me whats wrong and how to fix it please......

1/26/06 11:11 am

lol What I ment love was that we knew Advent Children was coming out. But we've been waiting like 10 yrs for it to be finally released there was always rumors that they were making a movie to go with Final Fantasy IIV. And now it is finally out sure took them long enough if you ask me.
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